Top 6 Netflix Original Shows

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Netflix has a vast collection of original programming. So which ones are worthy of the Netflix binge? Find out in our Top 6 Pick!

It’s no secret that Netflix has become a streaming giant that infiltrates TV screens and mobile devices across the country. And considering the vast amount of shows, it can be a headache just deciding what to click ‘Play’ on, especially given the hit-or-miss nature of Netflix’s original content. Here, I’ll highlight the Top 6 Netflix Originals. Keep in mind that this list specifically contains narrative series with two or more seasons.


Let's begin!


#6. Orange Is the New Black


OITNB S6 Header2


Set in the unpredictable and depressing environment of an all-women’s prison, “Orange Is the New Black” is a provocative visit into a cramped, corrupt, and cutthroat world. With equal moments of levity and tragedy, the show is a rollercoaster and each season is a mixed bag. And while the story’s protagonist Piper is by far the least interesting character, the spunky secondary characters make it all worth watching.