YouTube TV Has Become Accessible in all 210 TV Markets in the US

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YouTube can provide service for the entire country, for a consistent cost across the board-something cable TV cannot offer.

As of the end of March, YouTube has announced that they have completed their United States rollout. This means that YouTube TV is available in the total of 210 television markets that exist in the country. Back in January, they already had 195 secured, but now they have them all.

Some places still do not offer all of the major local networks, so YouTube TV may not be accessible there too. However, YouTube TV should be available in most zip codes.

This national rollout shows that a huge strength of internet-based TV (in contrast to traditional cable) is widespread access. YouTube can provide service that costs the same rate to anyone/everyone in the country, which cable TV cannot. So if you’re not happy with what your cable provider can offer, looking into YouTube TV might be worth it.

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