Movie Reviews: "Wonder Woman" is a Magnificent Looking Film

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DC finally hits the nail on the head!

Yes, the Wonder Woman movie is finally here. And it's glorious!

Raised as a skilled warrior on the Godly island of Themyscira, Diana aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot, fittingly wonderful) experiences a major shift when she saves the life of a fallen pilot named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine, always solid). After a Moana-like departure from her home, she teams with Steve to fight at the front lines of World War I, or as Diana puts it - to destroy the God of War, Ares.

First of all, Gal Gadot makes a TERRIFIC Wonder Woman, embodying the charismatic superhero with passion, heart, and well-rounded dimension. Her character is as much of a fierce fighter as she is an avid restorer of peace. Director Patty Jenkins stages the action sequences with a deeply-felt intensity. Every sword swing, every bullet dodge, every shield hit carries an exhilarating impact. The Zack Snyder slow-mo technique is utilized to great effect, giving us a focused glimpse at the physicality of the combat (plus it just looks really cool). In fact, this is a magnificent looking film all around.

It has a cohesive story and momentous pacing too, which the last couple of DC efforts have severely lacked. The narrative blends history and fantasy in a way reminiscent of--and I know I'm crossing over comic book brands here--Marvel's first Captain America film. It also indulges in a nice hint of humor (another thing the DC films have been lacking), especially when the fish-out-of-water antics ensue as Diana travels to a dark and dirty London - "It's hideous," she says. But the film itself definitely isn't drab. It's engaging and appealing. Worth rooting for. It gives you chills, and it makes you want to pump your fist. What I'm saying is, this movie has a soul. A shining, hopeful soul, and a fantastic superhero movie through and through.