Burger King's "Whopper Neutrality" Video Explains Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality and Burger King?

The combo isn't one you’d initially think would go together, but the fast food franchise that prides itself with a "Be Your Way" slogan has defied convention with a piece of clever, flame-broiled branded content that effectively informs the public about net neutrality while demonstrating its supportive stance on the concept of an equal playing field when it comes to the Internet.

So, how exactly does Burger King get their message across and clear up confusion in a relatable way? By slinging Whoppers, of course! Throughout the ad, disgruntled customers are met with various speeds, prices, and priority slots when concerning their burger orders. The three-minute piece manages to cook up some humorous punchlines and explanatory tidbits in an efficient manner. This premise serves as an easy-to-understand parallel to the impact Internet users might experience if net neutrality were officially eliminated. You know when you were in elementary school and math suddenly made more sense when food was involved? That’s pretty much what happens with this video.

As of this moment, the video has racked up nearly 4 million views on YouTube, which probably means A LOT more people now have a better understanding of net neutrality and its importance. It also probably means A LOT more people are craving a Whopper. Fast.