Warner Bros Teams up with Schools and Nonprofits in LA to Bring New Filmmaking Programs to Middle and High School Students

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Over 1500 students have participated so far, learning about career opportunities and developing critical storytelling skills!

Entertainment mogul Warner Bros. has joined forces with two nonprofit organizations, Young Storytellers and Ghetto Film School, and the Los Angeles Unified School District to support the next generation of emerging filmmakers and storytellers. They have put together two new school programs: Story Lab and First Cut. These programs are organized by WB Good, which is Warner Bros.’ social impact platform.

Story Lab provides an innovative curriculum for middle school students. It emphasizes core storytelling skills and supports personal voice, confidence, and empathy via creativity and self-reflection. First Cut coaches high school students on their filmmaking skills by giving teachers an assortment of materials and curriculum choices. The objective is to have the students create a short film during the duration of the program.

These programs were piloted in 10 weeks by 16 schools around Los Angeles already. Students learned about career opportunities in the filmmaking business and developed their storytelling abilities. Over 1,500 students participated in the pilot and it will resume in the upcoming school year.

Kevin Tsujihara, chairman-CEO of Warner Bros., sees these programs as a way for the company to use their resources to make a difference by empowering and encouraging future filmmakers.