The Launch of the Netflix Post Technology Alliance Helps Artists Create Content

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The objective of this program is to determine which vendors meet delivery and technical requirements as well as find support for future Netflix releases.

Netflix has revealed the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, a new program that assists artists and producers from Netflix Originals with choosing tools that will deliver their content to its website the best. Through this program, Netflix will see which products from vendors meet delivery and technical requirements, as well as find support for any specifications that Netflix releases in the future. The objective of the program is to certify products from vendors by category, like color grading, cameras, IMF packaging, and creative editorial.

Many vendor products have already been granted certification from the program, including products from Avid, Sony, Adobe, Canon, among others. The products that are certified can use a Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo, so artists can be aware of their certification. Manufacturers that use the logo work closely with Netflix, and thus have early access to their technical road map and work together with them on technical training, updates, and support.

Netflix wants their artists to be able to easily identify what tools have already been vetted for Netflix delivery and identify what companies will continue to collaborate with Netflix’s evolving technologies.

Netflix has other programs that help their artists create successful content, like the Post Partner Program and Preferred Fulfillment Partner Program. The goal of these programs is to assist smaller producers and help put more content onto the streaming service with time.

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