Taiwan as a Leader and Co-Producer of VR Film

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Taiwan has become a creative hub filled with content and virtual reality films. In January 2019, the Organizational Act of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency was passed by the government, which included the creation of the Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA). The aim was to help bring the country’s content to a larger international audience and further develop its cultural content industry.

Within the past few years, Taiwan has emerged as a top VR content creator. The Venice Film Festival in 2017 saw its first Virtual Reality Experience award, which was won by “La Camera Insabbiata,” a film co-produced by Taiwan and the U.S. After that, many more VR films from Taiwan have been shown at notable film festivals, like “Live Stream From Yuki <3” from Tsai Tsung-Han at Sundance and “Mr. Buddha” from Lee Chung at Tribeca.

There will be several Taiwanese VR films competing at the Venice Film Festival this year, where TAICCA will be hosting a reception to help showcase content and celebrate Taiwan as a top producer and partner for VR content. TAICCA also hopes to spark the interest of other producers to work together on projects. “Gloomy Eyes” is one of the films in the VR competition at the Venice Film Festival, a French-Argentinian-Taiwanese work co-produced by Fernando Maldonado and Jorge Tereso. This film is one of multiple that was aided by the French Office in Taipei. Such films proved that co-production is crucial and logical, with France and Taiwan putting together their strengths to produce excellent work.

VR films cost a lot of money to make and require more technical work than a traditional film. There’s a resource shortage around the world that doesn’t allow VR to flourish everywhere. Because of this, international collaborations allow for a combination of resources and money in order to co-produce great VR work. Taiwan is ahead of the game in having manufactured hardware to be able to make VR content. This has certainly helped the country advance in VR productions so quickly and made Taiwan a great production partner.

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