Storytelling Tips from Pixar

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Pixar is known for crafting amazing stories, and now they're sharing their tips with the world!

It’s no secret that — along with their inventive animation — Pixar is known for crafting great STORIES. Stories that are full of laughs, tears, lovable characters, and exciting journeys… Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, the list goes on... And now, with Incredibles 2 opening in theaters to massive commercial and critical success, it’s a good time to take a look at some valuable narrative advice from Pixar story supervisor Jason Katz. 

During a recent keynote presentation, Katz covered a number of important storytelling essentials, including tips about being patient with the process, asking the right questions, making the audience care about the characters, and emphasizing changes and emotional arcs.

These are all very important things to take into consideration when you’re writing your own story or attempting to take it to the next level. Dive deeper into Katz’s tips and read the full article at No Film School by clicking here!