Spotify Acquires MightyTV and Is This A Sign Spotify Will Enter Video Content

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Is more video in Spotify's future?

Spotify has acquired a new startup that’s a little out of their norm—one that recommended movie and TV content for viewers based on what they’ve watched and liked in the past. The name of this startup was MightyTV. I say this all in past tense because the company has been eaten up by Spotify, concluding their existence. With previous employees, even now part of Spotify, including the CEO Brian Adams (who is now an executive at Spotify), we wonder what this will mean for the music streaming giant. Spotify directed the acquisition as a plus for advertising, but people cannot help but wonder if video content will be an upcoming feature. Spotify has dabbled with video a few times before, but it was nothing major, nor lasting.

Within the past year or so, Spotify has been making several acquisitions and purchases. This is a significant change from how the company has been operating for the past eight years. It appears Spotify may have some big plans ahead. We will have to wait and see if TV or movies will become a part of its streaming future.