Companies That Have Seen Success with Facebook Video Ads

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Is your business page using Facebook to its full potential?

Is your business looking for a way to get 13.4 million views? That’s just what Facebook is promising with their new video ads, as well as a 7-point lift in ad recall.

The Scoop

According to Recode earlier this year, ( Facebook Video Ads is allowing companies to display more ads and receive some profit out of it. Facebook splits these profits with the companies, offering 55% of the total sales. This is the same amount that leading online-video-ad-business-giant YouTube bestows.

These new ads run after a minimum of 20 seconds of a video, and will only be in videos that are a minimum of 90 seconds long. So if a company wants to make a profit from these ads, they need to hold the viewer’s attention.

Facebook promises that its business features, including these video ads, can help companies construct an online presence, show the company’s story, and customize ads to display the scale of products offered.

On top of that, just today Facebook launched a new system of ads called "Collection," where a company can create a video ad that features four of their products (all on clickable thumbnails) beneath the video. Doing so leads them to a landing page featuring more clickable products, allowing the user to make purchases right there on the spot, a feature that not only increases sales but drives users to a company's site.

The Success

Facebook Business already offers some success stories of companies that use methods such as Facebook Video Ads. One of these success stories is Florida’s Space Coast with Cocoa Beach, a tourist attraction with sea turtles, surfing, and rocket launches. This company used Facebook’s video ads to raise awareness, attaining an incremental reach that was 86% greater on Facebook than on TV. They were also able to reach 13.4 million views, a 7-point lift in ad recall, and a 12% raise in year-over-year tax revenue from tourism. People fond of traveling, vacationing, and going to the beach were accessed by demographic targeting, particularly those in the selected market area, making sure that those viewing the ads were people with a higher tendency to actually visit.

Another such success story is with Hillshire Snacking, a snack company that used photo and video ads to advertise their products. They reached a 12-point increase in purchase intent and a 4-point increase in awareness. They were able to shape themselves toward a specific segment of their audience, teaming up with Facebook marketing partners to make their ads display to people who would think these ads were applicable to them. Together they were able to stream two video ads and 10 photo ads that appeared to women with a hectic schedule who were looking for convenient and tasty snacks.

And as far as the new Collection feature goes, Facebook had companies such as Adidas, Lowe’s, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sport Chek beta test it over the holiday season. Sport Chek's campaign supposedly doubled conversions and increased their online sales by 28 percent!

Start Your Own!

Facebook Video Ads is one way companies can experiment with targeting particular audiences to bring more success (and profits) to their products and services. Find out how to create your own ad here:

The Collections feature is just beginning to roll out as of this morning and will be available to more companies in the Facebook ad manager soon!