New Update to Reelgood App, Win for Streaming Services Users

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The latest update to their mobile app including multiple new features might just be the greatest update yet!

If you spend a good amount of time just looking for something to watch, then Reelgood is for you. Reelgood is a website and startup company that helps you find the next thing to watch on streaming services like Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now/Go, and more. The Reelgood website launched originally in the summer of 2017 and then on mobile in the fall. Today, they have more than one million monthly users.

Over the past year, Reelgood has been improving their streaming guide to help new streaming service users find content that they want to watch. This is especially useful for cord cutters that drop cable for streaming services.

On Friday October 5th, they released their greatest update yet to their iOS app. This update includes new features such as personalized recommendations, alerts for content you track, and tracking content from more than 50 streaming services (now including Crunchyroll, IndieFlix, Starz, FilmStruck, etc). There are also new kinds of recommendations, like a mimic of the “Because You Watched” category on services like Netflix, but better because the recommendations can come from all of your services services, rather than just any one. This offers way more likeable suggestions, but only if you use the watch history feature for tracking what content you have already watched. Another new recommendation type is “Reelgood Roulette,” which offers a random, not personal option. New advanced searching and filtering has also been added, which include information from IMBd, Rotten Tomatoes, and crew/cast listings.

The head of Reelgood’s product and design, Eli Chamberlin, describes the new release as a way to display and organize all streaming content so viewers get the most from it and don’t waste a significant amount of time browsing.

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