New Filmmaking Technology: VR Camera from Facebook and RED Collaboration

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This platform launch was motivated by Facebook’s desire to help creators create a seamless VR experience!

Facebook is endorsing a new camera for creatives like filmmakers that are interested in creating the most reliable and immersive entertainment. This camera is a joint venture between Facebook and RED, who have come together to produce a professional virtual reality (VR) camera. It includes a camera system that is able to capture high resolution images in six degrees of freedom (or 6DoF), which makes the image viewable and the world explorable in real time using VR. The camera is intended for professional storytellers.

This new camera uses Facebook’s Surround 360 platform, which includes a 24-camera array that allows VR capture, as well as a lighter 6-camera model, all with 8K video capability. This platform launch was motivated by Facebook’s desire to help creators capture video and create a seamless VR experience. When designing the product, they were particularly concerned about high image quality and a good workflow software. Facebook also hoped to jumpstart VR production so users could consume VR content when buying an Oculus Rift headset or viewing 360 video posts on mobile.

Facebook teamed up with RED as they needed a hardware partner. They chose RED for their reputation in indie filmmaking and Hollywood as a technical master. The goal of the collaboration is to push VR video to mainstream audiences. As of now, they do not have a prototype of the new camera, and the price is still unknown. We can safely assume that it will be extremely expensive.

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