New Filmmaking Technology: Low Light Cameras Are Refining the Long Take

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Lighting has always been a challenge for the long take, but these new cameras are changing the game!

The long take, sometimes known as a “oner,” depends on the synchronization of several filmmakers. Lighting is often a major challenge, as the movement of the scene is restrictive of light used in a standard scene. Thus the long shot has always been a rather difficult, complicated shot to film. However, these days cameras have more and more low light capabilities, which helps alleviate the difficulties of shooting the long take.

The long take is an uninterrupted shot that is lengthier than a usual take before it cuts to the next shot. This can be lengthier in regards to other shots in the movie itself or lengthier than shots in a typical movie. Without cutting, the single extended shot depends on the precision of the actors and the camera, as well as the scene being attention-grabbing enough for the audience to remain interested and not tire by the length of it.

New low light cameras have features that allow for easier filming of long take shots. These cameras include the RED EPIC-W, Arri Alexa, and Canon C200, which can hide lights and use battery-operated LED lights, available light, and practicals that reduce noise in the footage.

The Cannon C200 Super 35mm CMOS Sensor allows max light when filmmaking. ALEXA’s custom CMOS sensor allows for an ideal balance between elevated sensitivity, low noise floor, and elevated dynamic range and the sharpness of the image. The Gemini 5k S35 sensor for the RED Epic-W camera, one designed for low-light settings in outer space, has a low light mode that works well in dark environments, with clean images that have enhanced shadow detail and less grain.

With new modern cameras that are low light capable, the artistic vision of filmmakers does not need to be scarified and they can more easily get the shot and look they want.

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