Netflix Review: Always Be My Maybe, a Funny, Enjoyable, and Sweet Watch-At-Home Treat for Summer!

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This thing is light, pleasant, and refreshing — like lemon pudding in movie form.

Netflix’s new romantic comedy Always Be My Maybe (a pun-y reference to the great Mariah Carey ballad) shines bright as a funny, enjoyable, and sweet watch-at-home treat for the early summer.

Ali Wong and Randall Park lead the way as Sasha and Marcus, a pair of childhood friends (well, a little more than just friends) who reconnect 15 years after a falling out. It turns out that they’ve taken vastly different paths in life. Sasha is a wealthy celebrity chef, while Marcus still lives with his dad and plays in a crappy local band. It’s safe to say a lot has changed. But is there still a spark between them? Maybe.

This thing is light, pleasant, and refreshing — like lemon pudding in movie form. And even though it follows a familiar rom-com recipe, it has just enough flavor to stand out and form its own unique identity. It’s also just so dang likable and full of irresistible charm. The script (which is also co-written by Ali Wong and Randall Park) is a superb one. The dialogue is swirled with clever and comical wit, and at the center is a filling of thoughtful substance when it comes to heritage and culture, authenticity and success, love and projection. Director Nahnatchka Khan lends genuine warmth and tenderness to it all, as well as a notable embrace of humor and absurdity.

Wong and Park demonstrate a delightful chemistry, and they both give sharp performances as well-drawn characters. But the highlight is a surprisingly off-the-wall cameo from the legendary Keanu Reeves — as himself. I won’t give too much away, but he’s absolutely hysterical here and will have you laughing until your stomach hurts. It truly goes down as one of the best cameos in movie history. It’s a sight to behold and cherish and rewatch over and over again.

So next time you’re scrolling through Netflix’s menu, throw this one on for dessert.