Magic Leap to Release an Augmented Reality Headset, and Critics are not Pleased

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Magic Leap's underwhelming demo has critics buzzing—and not in excitement.

Magic Leap is a startup augmented reality company located in Florida. By March 2018, they raised $2.3 billion for their first mixed reality headset, named the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. AT&T is the only company selling this headset in the USA.

A prerecorded demo of the product shows a game of “Dodge” where a small golem throws a rock at you, but it is glitchy and not revolutionary, particularly for a headset that took four years to officially come out and has billions of dollars behind it.

Microsoft has their own headset, the HoloLens, a headset for mixed reality that first launched in 2016. This headset, however, has industrial applications, including proposed apps like holographic conference calls and examining virtual houses like an architect.

The idea behind the Magic Leap is a headset that is more playful and fun, to be used daily in an average person’s life. However, the latest demo demonstrates that there is more work that needs to be done to perfect the seamlessness of the mixed realities. Some think this new headset may shed a negative light on the augmented reality industry and its future, but who knows what we will see in the future.

More info about Magic Leap can be found here.