L.A. Times' "Dirty John" 6-Part Podcast Serial About an Interior Designer

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Six-part series not to be missed.

With the recent boom of podcasts and the massive success of the addictive Serial, it only makes sense that more and more media outlets are embracing the leisure-listening platform.

Now, The L.A. Times have announced a six-part series called Dirty John, which tells the “real story of an interior designer who finally thinks she’s found love via online dating.” Hernan Lopez, CEO of Wondery (the network producing the series), describes Dirty John as “…a nail-biter of a story” that will shock audiences.

It sounds intriguing...and what also makes this series interesting is the story’s content will also appear in print and online alongside the podcast as a sort of multimedia composition of investigative journalism.

The L.A. Times will release episodes on October 2nd. Will you be diving in?