Join the #Crucial21DbW Initiative: Women Who Make Crucial Cinema

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"I’d love to have enough engagement on this process to provide a blog post every day throughout 2019."

In a time where we’re all trying to support female filmmakers, Barbara Ann O'Leary, head of @DirectedbyWomen, has started the #Crucial21DbW blogging initiative. The goal is to have 365 bloggers write 365 blogs about crucial cinema and television directed by women in 365 words or fewer. Each blogger is responsible for one piece of work he or she feels is crucial to the world of cinema.

This initiative is to create a better appreciation for the work of women in film and television around the world. The main guideline is the film or television episode must have been released in the 21st century.

Anyone from anywhere is able to join. The initiative is looking for bloggers, editors, graphic designers, and social media activists.

Read all about the initiative and how to volunteer a blog post HERE!

Have fun! Spread the word! Let’s celebrate our favorite films made by women!