How AI Can Help with the Creative and Business Sides of Filmmaking

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AI Can Now Write Scripts, Predict How Profitable Your Next Movie Will Be, and Much More.

Artificial intelligence is making its way into filmmaking in more ways than just making new astounding visual effects possible. Nowadays, it can be used for business as well as creative aspects as well. AI can predict profits and audiences, as well as generate its own movie scripts. Filmmakers are using technology to be more efficient and produce higher quality, as well as more profitable, work.

ScriptBook, an AI company founded in 2015 and based in Belgium, analyzes screenplays. In six minutes, their system digests scripts and provides detailed reports that predict a calculated IMDB rating, the likeability of the characters, audience satisfaction metrics, the target demographic, as well as a financial forecast of the movie’s global box office success (with a success rate of 86%).

And that is just the beginning of what ScriptBook can do. The company has also taught its AI to write stories through auto-generation. CEO Nadira Azermai and her team assembled a generator and fueled it with 30,000 movie scripts. It took time for the generator to learn, but now it can yield full-length feature films.

The generator can basically suggest as far as you need it to, whether that is a sentence or a few pages. You just feed the generator the information about the script that you want included, then it fills in the gaps and you have a piece of work co-written by human and machine. Azermai claims this can be a great tool for writers block and finding inspiration.

This is just one example of how companies are using AI to shake up the process of filmmaking today. Cinelytic in Los Angeles uses a system that lets you pick a potential cast and then change the actors to see if doing so impacts the projected box-office success of the movie. Pilot Movies in Boston has an application that predicts a film’s profit. Vault, a company from Israel, concludes a movie’s target audience by how its trailer is perceived online. Ultimately, whether creative or business related, these are all tools that filmmakers can use to try to make more successful films.

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