Georgia as a Film Industry Hub

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With 445 TV and film projects filmed in the last year, Georgia has become the #1 place to film on-location in the US!

Georgia has become the #1 place to film on-location in the US. The governor, Nathan Deal, publicized the fact that a new record of 445 TV and film projects were filmed there in the past year. TV and film production raised $9.5 billion for the state’s economy. 

In 2008, the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act was passed, which included state tax benefits for companies. Since 2010, over 300 businesses related to the filmmaking industry have moved to Georgia.

Communities within the state are benefiting from this filmmaking buzz. Per the Motion Picture Association of America, almost $4.6 billion in wages and over 92,000 jobs have been created in the state as a result. The film industry generates jobs in various professions, not only filmmaking, but also accounting, payroll, transportation, construction, food, and post-production.

Georgia now has thousands of square feet of soundstage space as well. The amount of production infrastructure has grown considerably and helps keep Georgia on top as a filmmaking space. The stage space, supporting enterprises, and encouragement from the government show that Georgia is prospering as a filmmaking hub.

Current television shows that are filmed in Georgia include “Atlanta,” “The Walking Dead,” “Ozark,” and “The Gifted.” Films that are coming out this fall that were filmed in Georgia include “The House with a Clock in its Walls,” “Mile 22,” “Venom,” and “The Little Mermaid.”

Entertainment industry advocates in Georgia hope that the state attracts more and bigger projects in the future. Learn more about its current success here.