Fortnite: The Game that has Held Everyone’s Attention Since 2017

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First released in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite has stayed very relevant in popular culture ever since.

Fortnite is an online video game that was first released in 2017 by Epic Games and has stayed very relevant, even in popular culture, ever since. There are two modes: cooperative shooter-survival and the free and ever popular battle royale style game. It really seems like everyone has played this game, from middle aged adults to small children, everyone who even dabbles in video games has played Fortnite at one point or another. And why not, you play online against people all over the globe and it’s honestly pretty fun, exhilarating at the thought that any moment could be your last or that someone doesn’t see you and you can actually get a kill, and the drive to come in first makes you keep coming back for more (particularly in regards to the free battle royale version).

Some may ask how Fortnite has managed to stay so relevant since it first came out, and the answer is that the creators have found a way to keep the public’s attention (see article). Industries like advertising and media, that thrive on holding our attention, operate under the notion that someone is more likely to purchase or use a product/service if they have already heard of said product/service before and have a positive connotation of it. Nowadays, there are so many digital entertainment options that someone could occupy their time and attention with that people have to prioritize what they want to pay attention to. And chances are that if not you, someone you know has played Fortnite religiously at some point or other and told you how fun it is.

People like playing games for entertainment purposes, they like competition, and like being a part of a community. That is what Fortnite offers, particularly now with all the inside jokes from random things that can be found in the game—pop culture is eating it up and even major retailers sell Fortnite merchandise now.

Epic Games releases massive updates every few months that keep the game fresh and interesting, including new maps and items. They call the game world prior and post each update a season (just like television shows). Each new season refreshes the game for seasoned players to come back and play more, holding onto their attention some more, even if they left and stopped playing at some point. It’s funny because depending on when you play, whether time of day or how many months have passed since an update, you can actually advance less or further into the game as the skill level of the people playing with you online fluctuates dramatically.

Epic Games has certainly come up with a grand way to stay relevant and hold the attention of the public. Fortnite has a really good thing going because while still retaining old players, it’s becoming increasingly popular as the good word of the game spreads for more new players to join.

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