Chuck Taylor All-Stars Are A Fashion Staple in Classic Movies in Their "Forever Chuck: Chucks in Film" Campaign

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If the shoe fits...

Think about it: How many of your favorite characters from classic films have worn a pair of Chucks? My guess is you might run out of fingers counting. Or should I say toes?

Converse is proud of this fact, and the brand has fittingly teamed up with shining star Millie Bobby Brown (best known as ‘Eleven’ from Netflix’s hit sci-fi show “Stranger Things”) for “Forever Chuck: Chucks in Film”, a digital campaign that operates as a cinematic ode to the iconic sneakers. It’s an ad that’s sure to generate a good amount of buzz (it already has over 85,000 views on YouTube).

The cool, vintage-styled clip (notice the VCR fuzz) sees Millie Bobby Brown diving into some ‘80s cult-classic films like The Breakfast Club and Back to the Future while conveying the sentiment that characters who wear chucks are “…the ones you’re rooting for.” It also stresses the key importance of the collaboration between characters/performers and stylists, and how sometimes the significance of wardrobe choices runs deeper than we realize—even down to the shoes!

This ad is a celebration of the seminal brand, a testament to the purveying power of movies, and an agreeable reminder about how characters’ outfits represent how we perceive them, identify with them, and remember them. Forever.