Finding Her Way Back: Ellen Doyle's Trials in Re-entering the TV Industry

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"One day you're a young writer, a fresh voice. A few years later, with additional wisdom and experience, you've somehow got less to say?"

When Ellen Doyle left the television industry to start a family, she thought she’d only be leaving for a short time. But, that “short time” turned into years, but she was sure she’d be able to pick up where she left off.

After marrying fellow writer, Tim Doyle, and having a baby, it only made sense for Ellen to stay at home since her husband was having huge success in the sitcom world. When Ellen came back to work, the world she had left didn’t seem to miss her. She was allowed in at meetings via script pilots and specs she had written in her absence, but nothing ever came from those meetings. Being too proud to ask her husband for a job, she felt lost, not knowing where to turn or what to do with her career. Was it all over?

Ellen's story is one in which many can relate, especially women—especially older women—especially older women in the entertainment industry—who are writers.

Read the rest of Ellen Doyle’s story, in her own words, HERE.


Ellen's Valentine's Day episode of "The Kids Are Alright" aired this past Tuesday. Check out the clip below: