Filming and Viewing Movies in IMAX (Avengers: Endgame included)

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Movies filmed for IMAX allow for very sharp images on screen and a larger spectrum of color, but the technology needed to bring these films to life is extensive.

IMAX first began to make specialised cinemas and cameras in the 1970s. The IMAX movie theater adopts a taller aspect ratio and projects onto a huge curved screen. Seating at these theaters is also more steep than your typical movie theater. This all contributes to a more immersive movie-viewing experience, with 23% more image as well as refined sound. IMAX theaters have 12 specialist speakers, which allow for great sound accuracy and clarity.

Nowadays, the largest Hollywood productions are being filmed in IMAX format. Filming for IMAX allows filmmakers to explore their own creativity in great lengths, using IMAX tools to capture their vision. Avengers: Endgame was filmed using a certain large-format camera, the ALEXA IMAX 65mm. This camera captures 6K resolution, even though IMAX laser projectors in theaters are still 4K, which allows for picture enhancements in post-production. Filming for IMAX also allows for very sharp images on screen and a larger spectrum of color.

Recently, IMAX has even started teaming up with other companies to introduce digital remastering technology into consumer homes. Sony recently unveiled the 85-inch Master Series TV, which is IMAX compatible. To learn more about what it takes to film for IMAX, check out this article here!