Fighting the Good Fight: These Female Filmmakers Are Not Taking It Anymore

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"Between 2007 and 2017, for every 22 male directors hired, only 1 female director was hired."

Marie Claire “Changer Makers” issue has teamed up with “Times Up Entertainment” to create a dialogue with powerful women in the entertainment industry. These women discuss shortcomings and statistics in the industry that show just how unbalanced the ratio of telling female stories, hiring female crew, and equal treatment towards female actors has been in comparison to their male counterparts.

Each member has come forward to share, not only her story, but her reason for activism and why now it is so important to turn things around. It is a must-read, today of all days. (But don’t feel you need to limit yourself.)

Women are standing up to make a change. This change affects men too, but not in a bad way. It’s addressing a problem that, by fixing, will create more points-of-view, and therefore, more diverse stories for everyone.

Be sure to read the interviews here and watch the video down below.

Happy International Women’s Day!