Female Filmmaker Friday: Amy Adrion, Advocate for Pay Equity

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"Anyone who feels outside of the Hollywood system, that they continue to feel fired up to tell their stories, despite all the roadblocks and obstacles."

Amy Adrion is an American writer, director. She graduated from the MFA film directing program at the University of California. Her short film Shoegazer won the DGA Student Film Award in 2010. Her short films have been screened at prestigious film festivals, such as Tribeca, Austin, Los Angeles, Olympia, and Seattle.

Her directorial feature debut, Half the Picture, debuted at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. The film couldn’t be more relevant for the times. The documentary gathers such female directors as Ava DuVernay, Mary Harron, Jill Soloway, Catherine Hardwicke, as well as experts in gender politics in film to discuss their personal experiences in the industry. While each of their paths in becoming a director are different, many express the hardships faced based solely on their gender. While statistics show a rise in female students in film schools, the percentage of studio films directed by men is still as high as 91%. Pay rates, funding, and award recognition for female-made films is also very low. These problems only worsen for women of color.

While the documentary is filled with mostly interviews, the narrative of their personal struggles, as well as successes, in the field create a structured bond that is compelling. It is proof women are fighting back against sexual harassment, discrimination, pay gaps, and lack of opportunities.

Be sure to watch the video below of director Amy Adrion discussing her film Half the Picture.