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Seeking DP's & Cam Ops for some Q&A with some of Hollywood's greatest stars, Preditors for branded content, sound professionals for an indie series, and a producer, colorist, and creative editor for Milk Studios!

Film pros, if you're seeking employment, today is a good day to get on Colaborator! We have some major projects in need of your talents and expertise! If you're in the Los Angeles or Bay areas, take a look at our listings below to see if you fit the bill:

Cinefamily in need of a DP & Camera Op:

For years, The Cinefamily has been treating its members and audiences to Q&A sessions with Hollywood's greatest talent.  Robert Downey Jr, Seth Rogan, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and Al Pacino are just a sampling of the luminaries who we've had the great pleasure of hosting at the historic Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax in Hollywood.

At long last, we are endeavoring to professionally capture and preserve these events so that they can be shared with and enjoyed by all.  But we need your help!

This is an ongoing, monthly series of events.  The first event shoots on June 18th, the second on June 21st, and after that is TBD.

Deadline for applicants is THIS MONDAY, JUNE 13TH!!!

Click the title link above for more information! 

The Content Works seeking out a Preditor:

We are seeking a producer-editor ("Preditor") with impeccable creative standards and an unquestionable work ethic to work for a client south of Oakland.  This person needs to be a "one-man band"  (or one-woman band!) and own or have access to professional-grade video recording equipment.  

The right candidate must also be open to being trained to work according our precise specifications.  We require all of our producer-editors to adhere to our specs in order to ensure their work always remains on-brand.

This is a full-time temporary long-term position.  Both exact Start Date and End Date are TBD, but assignment will likely be no less than three months and could go up to 2 years.

We strongly prefer candidates from the East Bay or who can easily get to the East Bay, but will consider anyone in the greater Bay Area.

**Please do not apply unless you can work as a local hire in the Greater SF Bay Area.  We will not consider candidates who require relocation or long distance commuting.**

Click the title link above for more information! 

TV Series look for a Sound Mixer:

Local Los Angeles series is in need of a professional sound mixer/boom operator. 

The plot:

Teenage half sisters learn of each other's existence when before he goes into hiding, their spy dad tells them to protect each other because the people after him may try to go through them to get him. 

Pay is negotiable.

Please click the title link above for more information!

Milk needs a Colorist, an Executive Post Producer, and a Creative Director/Editor:


We are seeking a full-time, SENIOR LEVEL Colorist.  

The successful candidate will have a strong and varied history working with top directors, brands, and agencies. While adept at communicating with a client and executing their needs, a consistent aesthetic point of view based on the current fashion, film, and photography landscape is essential. In addition, the senior colorist will have an understanding of the technical foundation required to achieve a desired look, including broader overall topics of color spaces, room setup, and monitor calibration. 

Velem LA is a part of Milk Studios in West Hollywood, an amazing creative hub with a constant bustle of the world’s leading photographers, directors and agencies. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for an ambitious and visionary individual.

This is a permanent position.  Strong preference will be given to those with extensive commericial and music video experience.


Click the link above to apply!

Executive Post Producer:

We are seeking a candidate who has: 

  • Executive Producing experience putting together a team of post production artists for commercial work (will need to assemble and manage a 4-5 person team) 
  • Client management experience
  • Extensive contacts to post production talent 
  • Extensive experience in commericials, fashion film and music videos

We need someone who can grow with the company and has a “make it happen.” 


Click the link above to apply!

Creative Director/Editor:

We are seeking a SENIOR LEVEL Creative Director/Editor with extensive experience:

The successful candidate will be capable of moderate self supervision, working with a producer to set and maintain reasonable project deadlines, and request freelance support when necessary. Rather than just take direction, the Senior Editor will be tasked with developing creative treatments and concepts for projects both pre and post shoot in tandem with our clients. A history of high level work with leading brands and directors is expected.

Essentially we are looking for a well rounded artist who has a broad appreciation of the media landscape including music, design, film, photography, and fashion. The position calls for an artist who works well in a supervised session, but is also adept at honing in on a client's thoughts when working remotely.

Technical requirements include a thorough understanding of common NLEs and graphics applications (Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere, After Effects, and Photoshop as well as both FCPX and 7). While you will have IT support, it will be expected that you can fix normal workflow hiccups (i.e. restarting a frozen machine etc), and also understand the difference between codecs and compressions (H264 vs a ProRes), as well as color space (sRGB vs Rec709).

Beyond those requirements any experience with Cinema 4D (or other light CG application), Nuke, ProTools or Ableton is a strong plus but not required. Similarly, experience with color correction (DaVinci Resolve) is also a huge plus but not required. 

Key needs:

  • Communicating with clients to come up with creative solutions and help them execute their visions

  • Taking a commercial production from A-Z with a director

Please only apply if you have extensive commericial experience.


Click the link above to apply!


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