Fashion and Digital Media: The Fashion Industry Tapping into Entertainment Advertising

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image-300 Page 1: Kenzo World

The way brands are marketing is evolving, and the fashion industry has made leaps in adapting to the digital trends!

Have you ever been watching a movie or music video and immediately wanted to own an accessory or clothing item that one of the characters had on? Or at least thought to yourself, damn that’s cool…Tony Stark’s tinted shades in Iron Man? Ryan Gosling’s awesome jacket in Drive? Or more importantly—anything that Beyonce is wearing?

Of course pop culture’s immense influence on the audience isn’t a new concept. But with the current rise of digital media and the public’s increasing consumption of web videos, the almighty fashion industry has taken full notice and is utilizing high-profile resources to create content that drives the spirit and mission of the brand directly to your computers, tablets, and smartphones. These aren’t just thirty-second commercial clips that show up on sidebars or autoplay before YouTube videos. These are sharply crafted short films and elaborate music videos that not only catch the eye, but also engage the viewer and function as worthwhile (and memorable) pieces of entertainment.

For an industry that thrives on leading the way in aesthetics and being in touch with the pulse of ever-changing styles and trends, it’s only fitting that these companies would tap into such burgeoning methods when it comes to advertising. As a matter of fact, in 2016 alone there was a significant crop of big time collaborations between brands and artists. Just click through the pages using the navigator above and I’ll take you through some of the most memorable ones of the year!


*Cover image courtesy of Kenzo