Digitas Health Saved 25% Using Colaborator

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One of the largest ad agencies in the world uses Colaborator to save on video production. Find out how!

Digitas Health LifeBrands is a creative brand agency that specializes in guiding clients and building brands in the new and current marketing landscape. It operates on 3 continents, has over 600 employees and is a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe, one of the largest advertising agencies on earth. 

By utilizing the Colaborator platform, Digitas Health LifeBrands was able to save 25% on their corporate video while accumulating 38 Competitive Proposals -- and they did so completely risk free.

A company like Colaborator gives me direct access to filmmakers who are producing incredible quality work and really get the type of artistry that I’m looking for in the content I’m trying to create," said Mansura Ghaffar, Chief Communications Officer of Digitas Health LifeBrands.


Digital Health LifeBrands' Senior Producer of Motion Media, Paul Triggiani, provided even more insight into Digitas' experience working with Colaborator to hire talent. 

I know submissions were only open a few days before you had to choose someone for this job. How many applicants did you wind up getting?  

I believe I looked at 26 submissions for this. 

How many did you interview?

I only spoke with three people, over email. Of those three, I think there were two actual contenders. 

Why did you choose Rob Neilson?  

I liked Rob’s work, from his proposal and from his site. He seemed versatile, adaptable, and like a pretty cool guy. He had a good sampling of decent-looking commercial work and also fun personal stuff, but all of it was professional. I sent him an email, and he came back with all the right questions. 

What is/was the project?

We’re producing a small documentary case study for a client about a program that they launched last year. The program targets at-risk neighborhoods for HIV; we’re shooting in those neighborhoods. 

What is/was Neilson's role?

Rob spent two days shooting in Houston to capture program assets and an AIDS walk downtown. If we go to Houston to shoot interviews, we’ll work with him in person. 

Any thoughts about Colaborator? 

Colaborator provides a platform for artists and filmmakers to present the best of themselves, and to be judged on the merits of their work instead of who they know or who their friends are. And I think that’s the way that people should be looked at in this business.

To contact and find out more about Digitas Health LifeBrands, check out their site and social media pages below!

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