How Companies Benefit from Instagram's New Album Feature

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Storytelling through Instagram.

Recently, Instagram launched its new album feature, which allows one to post up to ten images or videos all in one post. Swipe through them to see all the images. This allows Instagram users to tell a story, or even show a panoramic picture within one post. This feature can be used in a variety of creative ways including tutorial posts, teaching followers how to do, or use, something like a new product. It is appealing to companies who already see Instagram as a fun engagement tool for their consumers. Companies such as Birchbox and Carnival Cruise Line are among those using this new feature.

Carnival Cruise believes this format helps them connect with their fans by using sequential storytelling to spark their interest without flooding their newsfeed with multiple posts. Companies, in general, anticipate performance management and implications to increase with these posts, attracting attention to their Instagram profile and their brand.