Collaborative Team Spotlight: “Jump the Fence," 7 Short Films in 7 Countries with 7 Directors

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Get a true inside look at filmmaking across the world with "Jump the Fence"

Women making films about making films around the world. It’s crazy enough to work. And that’s exactly what friends and filmmakers Molly Elizabeth Parker, Lacy Allen, and Britt Harris are doing. The trio have raised money, thanks in part to the generous donations from everyday people, in order to travel the globe and film their documentary series.

While filming a feature together, Molly and Brit traveled with the film via the international film circuit for two years. They met international filmmakers they longed to collaborate with, if it weren’t for the geological obstacles. Thus, the idea for Jump the Fence was born.

The project follows the women as they embark on a great adventure in storytelling. They plan to make seven short films in seven different countries with seven different directors. The documentary will show the “behind the scenes” world of indie filmmaking, and what it takes to make films in other countries. The local crews and directors featured in each film give an opportunity for other talented people to showcase their work, forming a collaboration of filmmakers across the world who haven’t had a chance to work outside their comfort zones.

The seven directors are: Ale Paschoalini in Brazil; Aslak Danbolt in Norway; Stathis Athanasiou in Greece; Sasha Gransjean in China; Elinor Nechemya in Israel; Jim Lounsbury in Australia; and Steven Richter in the United States.

The team recently just wrapped their filming in Brazil and are moving on to their next stop. Be sure to follow along their amazing, creative journey via Twitter (@Jump_The_Fence) and read more about their story and plans on their website.