Music Video Review: Matt Nathanson's "Bill Murray" is Smart and True

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“I fell asleep, had a dream Bill Murray and I were friends.”

I once described seeing Matt Nathanson live as “going to a rock concert and comedy show at the same time.” He is a talented, hysterical, insightful, beautiful, vibrant, musical genius. I’m not just saying that because I’ve seen him ten times live. Anyone else would tell you the same thing. His latest music video “Bill Murray”, off the album Show Me Your Fangs, shows both the insightful and humorous side of Nathanson.

The narrative of the video follows, as the lyrics suggest, Matt Nathanson going to sleep and dreaming about his adventures with Bill Murray. Only, as dreams tend to go, Bill Murray is not the real Bill Murray (I’m guessing that would be an expensive casting), but different people in a Bill Murray mask. And to go even further into this warped imagining, Matt Nathanson isn’t always Matt Nathanson. This is a great way of showing how dreams warp reality and change people from their true form. I loved the intercutting of dream scenes with those of Matt sleeping in bed, and the elements around him affecting his dream: sunlight from the window, the breeze from his fan, his dog licking his face--a very true and smart filming technique.

The video isn’t anything revolutionary. It has a simple narrative in which any viewer can relate: hanging out with someone we admire, having adventures, and getting advice on life, love, and relationships. It’s the easiness of Nathanson’s lyrics that allow him to shine in the murkiness of the music industry, and his videos always reflect this in kind.

“I'm done with sleep, imagined things, ‘cause dreams are dreams ‘til you wake up, so wake up. Just wake up here with me.”