6 Bad Habits Creatives Must Break to Be More Productive

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Tips for improving your creative output.

As creatives—and that label includes pretty much every single aspect of filmmaking—we all fall into traps, ruts, and tendencies that can prevent us from maximizing our full potential and accomplishing the work we truly want to accomplish. For me, my main falters involve putting projects on the back-burner and getting distracted by other things that end up being time-wasters. Yes, it happens to the best of us…

Thankfully, the founder of Imaginism Studios, Bobby Chiu, has put together a wonderful video that focuses on six key bad habits that artists should avoid, ranging from being too much about business to getting jaded. But Chiu doesn’t just simply list out these things—he also offers up solutions to combat the problems or even turn them toward your favor. It’s an insightful, inspiring, and insanely helpful piece, and most importantly—all of this can be done with consistent practice and implementing changes in our day-to-day lives.