AXE's "Is it okay for guys to ..." Video Encourages Acceptance

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A new angle for a new era.

You don’t have to think too far back to remember AXE Body Spray’s macho and hyper-masculine themed commercials—the ones that could easily come off as condescending to anyone who didn’t fit the bill. So that’s why it’s both surprising and refreshing that the company’s latest ad has taken a complete 180-degree turn.

Gone are the “manly-man” mindsets and the “attract flocks of females” attitudes. In fact, the aim is quite nuanced and significantly less aggressive, but all the more effective. In just fifty seconds, the fittingly POV-shot video clip rolls through a list of various human circumstances, ranging from sexual identity, body image, and mental health, while openly posing the “Is it okay for guys to…” as a sign of encouragement to just be yourself.  

It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen from the brand before, and whether you buy into AXE’s product or not, this ad conveys an important message and a change-of-heart pertinent to the times—promoting differences and acceptance. From a marketing standpoint, it also proves it’s not too late to go into a completely new direction.