Avoid These Mistakes When Making Your Student Film

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Check out these tips and solutions to bring your film to the next level!

Student films. Chances are, you’ve either watched one before or have been involved with one in some capacity, especially if you’re a current or former filmschooler. And chances are, the quality of those student films has ranged anywhere from disastrous (yikes!) to impressive (yes!). Perhaps you’re about to embark on making one of your own. If that’s the case, I highly recommend watching this in-depth video from This Guy Edits, which includes valuable insights from author and lecturer Dr. Karen Pearlman. It’s titled “Top 5 Most Common Problems with Student Films”, and the 10-minute clip discusses big mistakes to avoid when making your film, and it also offers up strategies, concepts, and solutions in order to improve the production (and pre-production) process and make your vision come to life in the best ways possible. In fact, this video provides great advice for filmmakers at any beginning stage, whether you’re in film school or not. Hopefully these tips will help to render the results of your film more satisfying—something to be proud of. So, go out there and impress those professors, and beyond!