Web Series Review: "All Over It" A Funny and Highly Relatable Show

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“Creative people live here. They work here on creative things. Group creative things. Occasionally group creative things for money. And that’s okay. “

After seeing Mike Birbiglia’s brilliant improv-themed dramedy Don’t Think Twice, I went on a search for other recent films or shows of the same ilk. You know—fun and insightful stuff about teams of creative types and entertainers attempting to make a living off of their art. Much to my delight, I came across a great web series from 2015 called “All Over It”. The nine-part romp is a fittingly lighthearted companion piece to Birbiglia’s bittersweet feature.

Written and directed by Ted Pauly and Melissa Silverman, “All Over It” revolves around a collective of multimedia artists (played by Chris O’Brien, Kate Dearing, Alex Malaos, and Nadia Quinn) who all dwell together in a deteriorating studio in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Their home is a hodgepodge of creative juice and abandoned projects, and it appears to reek of leaky pipes, empty alcohol bottles, mold, and crushed dreams. Anyhow, the group attempts to combine ideas in order to come up with a commercial pitch for a sketchy local auto shop. As you’d expect, shenanigans ensue.

This web series is pleasantly funny and highly relatable, especially if you’ve ever set out to present a piece of your own work in hopes for a big break or just simple approval. The spunky bunch of characters here generate plenty of comedy with their bickering banter and personality and ego clashes. There’s also some witty commentary on success and failure, unfiltered artistic expression vs. uninspired pandering, and the notion of selling out or staying true to DIY ethics. What does “selling out” even mean anymore anyway? A lot of us folks would LOVE to have the opportunity to sell out. Right? Be honest. Sometimes one needs money to keep their toilet running properly.

As for the cast, all of them do a swell job across the board as they demonstrate some solid comic timing and amusing facial expressions, as well as a willingness to indulge in a few awkward sight gags. H. Jon Benjamin even makes a welcomed appearance as the warehouse’s apathetic landlord. You might recognize his smooth and sultry voice of built-in sarcasm from animated TV hits like “Archer” and “Bob’s Burgers”.

Hosted for free on Vimeo, every episode whizzes by, clocking in at a little over two minutes each. You can literally watch this entire web series within the same amount of time it takes for a nice, hot shower—unless you’re using a makeshift drip shower like this crew. That’d be a really long shower.

View it here: http://wearealloverit.com/

All Over It - A Web Comedy from All Over It on Vimeo.

Article by Zach Murphy