AR Startups are Working on Headsets Directly for Consumers

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Most AR companies cater to enterprises, but more and more are wanting to sell directly to consumers too.

Last week, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas saw various startup companies focused on augmented reality (AR). Most of these are making AR equipment for enterprise use, but more and more are wanting to sell directly to consumers too.

Currently, a consumer market for AR hardware doesn’t really exist. So companies that are making AR headsets are taking chances on what features consumers are looking for in these devices. Furthermore, privacy issues are tricky in regard to these headsets, so many of them don’t use front-facing cameras. Most experts agree that a couple of more years are needed before these devices become popular with the public.

Some examples of these startup companies and their AR headset devices include Focals by North, released in late 2018 and made to look like regular glasses. Rokid, a Chinese electronics start up, had two models of AR glasses to present: a remake of an earlier model named Rokid Glass and a prototype of a consumer model named Project Aurora.

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