Apple Joins the Bounty of Original Streaming Services with Apple Streaming

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Apple jumps onboard the original content train!

Apple is in the process of making significant strides to create original, scripted content on its platform. This move was originally announced back in 2015, but now the company is upping its claims, wanting to tap into some of the same audiences as other streaming services such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video by the end of 2017.

The company acquired the rights to its first show, “Planet of the Apps,” a reality-competition show, last year, but this new punch toward original, scripted content could be a new place for writers and producers to look when selling a project. They’ve already made a deal with CBS for a spin-off of James Gordon’s “Carpool Karaoke,” as well as a scripted show from Dr. Dre, and are still in the process of selecting more content to fill out their first round of programming.

The move is consistent with the pattern of scripted television coming from other outlets not involving one’s television. Streaming has been the chosen form of receiving content for the past few years, and many companies want in on the fast-paced trend, providing more and more outlets for filmmakers to pitch their ideas. Apple is only the newest admirer, but hardly the last, and with more companies jumping onboard the streaming train, it may not be too long before network television falls entirely by the wayside. Whatever the future may bring, one thing for certain is that Apple is taking its first steps to pave the way, cracking the doors for filmmakers to follow along behind it.