American Documentary Unveils the New Artist Emergency Fund for Filmmakers in Need

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This fund was established as a result of concerns for career sustainability for filmmakers, particularly from underrepresented communities.

American Documentary (AmDoc), a nonprofit media organization known for producing the PBS show “POV,” has started a new grant program that aims to help filmmakers in need, called the Artist Emergency Fund. This grant acts like a safety fund for unexpected misfortunes like eviction, health issues, or natural disasters.

This is the first year of the program and it will be giving away grants for up to $1,000. Those applying must live in the USA and must have directed or produced one nonfiction work that was publicly exhibited in a noncommercial or curated environment. Applicants will be selected on a rolling basis, based on evidence of need and a professional relationship within documentary filmmaking. The money from the grant cannot be used on expenses for the project (like travel, production, etc).

The Artist Emergency Fund was established as a result of concerns for career sustainability for filmmakers producing nonfiction work, particularly filmmakers from underrepresented communities and newer developing filmmakers. This is because one visit to the emergency room can result in medical bills that build up for years. The executive director and producer of POV, Justine Nagan, says the goal of AmDoc is to be supportive of filmmakers, especially the most vulnerable, and joining in on building a more inclusive environment in the filmmaking industry. Establishing this fund is certainly a win for rising documentary filmmakers from marginalized backgrounds, as they don’t have to sacrifice their well-being for their projects.

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