AI in Video Games: Nvidia Brings Us the First Demo Built with AI Graphics

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The tech giant details just how hybrid graphics systems could impact film, video games, and VR.

Nvidia is an American tech company that designs chips and processing units for graphics. Recently, they have produced and unveiled the very first video game demo that has graphics generated by artificial intelligence.

AI has certainly been making an impact on video and image generation. Nvidia has published research that tells how a conventional video game engine can be linked to AI visuals, by creating a hybrid graphics system that eventually could impact film, video games, and VR.

In the video game demo that they made, you see a straightforward driving simulator in which the player goes around some city streets that are generated by AI. There are no other interactions, but this itself is quite revolutionary for graphics generated by artificial intelligence. This demo is also powered by only one graphics processing unit—which is impressive, but it is the company’s best and the strongest PC graphics processing unit that has ever been made.

To make these graphics possible, training data needed to be gathered and organized. Then a generative adversarial network was taught to produce original versions. Then the virtual environment topology was made using a game engine. So the game is made just like other video games, but AI makes the graphics. The system has short term memory to make this possible.

It is likely that this technology will be used for robotics before we see it in a full video game or video content. It is likely to be used to create avatars and customized visual content, but this may be decades away.

Learn more about Nvidia’s innovation here.