A Review of the Best Ever Food Review Show

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With it's quirky name, scrumptious food, and fun host the Best Ever Food Review Show has an impressive 1.4 million subscriber count on YouTube!

On YouTube there are various channels of regular people who go out and try local food from different areas, documenting their journeys on video. My favorite such show is the “Best Ever Food Review Show,” posted onto a YouTube channel with the same name that boasts over 1,400,000 subscribers.

This show is hosted by Sonny, a bandana-wearing man from Minnesota. He lives in Vietnam and travels around Asia, finding delicious local street food to eat. He has videos of him trying food in various cities in different Asian countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Korea, among others.

The stills and titles of his videos are meant to grab your attention, with titles like “10 Foods Under $1 in Hanoi, Vietnam - Street Food Dollar Menu” and “DEADLY Indian JUNK FOOD! The MOST Sweet, Greasy, Yummy Punjabi Street Foods!” These are accompanied by bright images of exotic food and bold words like “Pig Brain,” “Organ Party!,” and “$1.”

Don’t let these images and titles scare you though, because not everything he eats is as hardcore as rats and tarantulas. I feel like it is usually popular street or local food that he is trying, so it is popular in the area for a reason and often sounds and looks very delicious.

I like Sonny’s videos because they are silly, adventurous, and feature some tasty looking or interesting food. Sonny is funny, between his narration and his live interactions, in a silly or sarcastic kind of way, but he is also always respectful of the food, the people, and the cultures that he encounters. He seems to be willing to try anything, even if it doesn’t sound or look too appetizing for the average Westerner. And when trying the more hardcore stuff like brain curry, Sonny is always honest, eager, and polite when reviewing. He seems to typically really enjoy what he is eating and wants more.

Sonny likes to include snippets of the local area and he often tries to interact with locals or the vendors selling the food. Sometimes Sonny provides the information of the local places that he is eating at in the description of his videos, like the name, address, and business hours. He heavily promotes tourism to these areas by doing so.

Overall the show is quite entertaining and even informative. Sonny has a good YouTube personality because he is good humored, sometimes sassy, pokes fun at himself, and kind. The production quality of this show is pretty high, with vivacious editing and upbeat music in between, which all contribute to the entertainment factor. I would highly recommend this food travel show to anyone looking for something entertaining to watch. It certainly makes me want to go travel and check out some delightful night markets and street vendors. I admire what he is doing with his show as well, spreading information and knowledge of other cultures to different people.

Check his videos out here!