7 Tips for Location Scouting

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Location is so important when it comes to filmmaking. Check out these tips from The Buff Nerds to make your next film stand out!

Location. Location. Location. 

When you really think about it, set location is so important when it comes to filmmaking. These are the places where our characters dwell and where our stories are told. Locations convey information, they encompass the visual aesthetics we’re aiming for, and ideally, a satisfactory setting can make things a lot easier on the film crew. So, whether it’s for a film or a music video, location scouting is something you want to spend a plenty of time and research on, both for the quality of your film and the betterment of the production process. 

Jakob Owens of “The Buff Nerds” has released a video with 7 great tips for location scouting, and I highly recommend checking it out!