5 Camera Hacks to Create Quality Images

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Easy hacks that will give your image the look you want without the fancy equipment.

Whether you’re taking photos or filming footage, it’s always nice to know a few cheap, simple, and advantageous pointers in order to capture the most beautiful image possible. After all, it ultimately comes down to you, your camera, and the picture or effect you’re going for—so you probably don’t want to be dealing with a bunch of unnecessary and complicated technical setbacks while you’re shooting.

German-based filmmaker and YouTube channel host wzzly has crafted a superb piece that features five awesome and easy camera hacks—from using leaves to create colorful blur effects, to utilizing your camera strap as a stabilizer. The video itself is an impressively modern and fittingly VISUAL presentation of these tricks, and it’s all under two minutes long!

Check it out below and see if it helps your current project!