World Premiere of the Colaborator Podcast, Episode 1 Starring Brie Larson of "Game of Silence" Fame

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First episode: Bre Blair of NBC's "Game of Silence"

Welcome to the World Premiere of the Colaborator Podcast! Released every Monday, the Colaborator Podcast is an in depth conversation with luminaries in entertainment, tech and business about the convergence of media and technology.

Ok, so what the hell does that mean? The simplest way to describe it is we have all sorts of interesting guests like Emmy winning writers, award winning tv journalists, a-list actors, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, tech venture capitalists, platinum selling musicians and media influencers. Basically badasses in their fields telling us about their lives and careers. They tell us about how they see entertainment and technology coming together.


Oh and by the way we’ve got video of all these interviews! They’re split up into short segments, so you can sample what you like. Click here to see them all!

So our very first guest is… drum roll… Bre Blair. Bre is the star of NBC's new drama Game of Silence debuting Tuesday April 12th at 10/9 Central.


Bre is an amazing actor who’s been in the game for over 20 years and got her first big break as a teenage actor on the 90’s hit movie The Babysitter's Club. Yup. You know which movie we're talking about. Bre’s stories about making that movie won’t disappoint.

Bre and Douglas cover a lot of ground about what it takes to be a leading lady in this changing TV landscape. She has been in more TV series, but has never had her huge break...until now. To get to this point, she has stories about doing whatever she can to stay motivated and to pay the bills, from driving Uber to fierce competition on the soccer field. It’s a conversation that bounces all over from the serious to hilarious. 

Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy the Colaborator Podcast with Douglas Caballero!