Colaborator Podcast S2: Talking Music Festivals and VR with C3 Presents' Visual Media Director, Daniel Gibbs

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Get a closer look at Lollapallooza, Live Nation and more with Daniel Gibbs!

In this episode, we explore the future of live music and live event video experiences with Daniel Gibbs, the visual media director at C3 Presents.

Based in Austin, TX, C3 Presents is a live music and live event juggernaut producing some of the world’s biggest and most important music festivals - including Lollapallooza festivals in Chicago and all over the world, the Austin City Limits Music Festival and many many many more festivals. They also own ticketing agency Front Gate Ticketing and C3 is partially owned by Live Nation.

Daniel is responsible for all of the video, VR and AR and social networking experiences that take place at these festivals. He’s always working on new and innovative ways - through video - to engage festival attendees, as well as fans online with the musicians, artists and brands that make these festivals so successful.

The Colaborator Podcast is an in depth conversation with luminaries in entertainment, tech, and other industries about the convergence of media and technology.