Colaborator Podcast Eps. 5 & 6 - Thor Halvorssen, Humans Right Activist, on Nonprofits and Social Media

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On this two-part episode, a famous Human Rights activist talks about North Korea and non-profits in the age of social media...

Born in Venezuela to parents who were imprisoned and shot for fighting government corruption, Thor Halvorssen, founder of Human Rights Foundation, is now fighting human rights violations all over the world in North Korea, Russia, East Asia, Africa and more. In this two-part episode, Thor explains how real life North Korea is frighteningly similar to “The Hunger Games” movies and books, and how HRF is combatting human rights abuse in North Korea by floating in balloons 20,000 flash drives full of western entertainment and full copies of Wikipedia over the Korean Demilitarized Zone into the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 

Thor also takes the gloves off and explains to Douglas (who is a board member of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, LA) how nonprofits should get their acts together and step into the 21st century to use social media to further their causes.

The Colaborator Podcast explores the convergence of entertainment and technology through interviews with luminaries in technology, entertainment and business.


Hosted by Douglas Caballero, executive at Colaborator and longtime TV host and producer for Current TV, The Young Turks and The CW.

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