Colaborator Podcast Ep 15 - Joshua Baer, Executive Directory of Capital Factory, Discusses Championing Austin's Tech Community

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Joshua Baer joins us on this week's Colaborator Podcast!

Joshua is a celebrity in the Austin tech community - the fastest growing tech community in the country. He is the Executive Director of Capital Factory, one of Austin’s biggest tech incubators and coworking spaces.

A serial entrepreneur and investor, he’s invested in many many startups - too many to list here. And because of this he’s been a significant force in the Austin startup scene for the past 20 years. Josh has given a face to the Austin tech community as one of its biggest champions and representatives.

Learn from his origin story of starting his company in a house in the suburbs to the rise of the Austin VR scene to why Austin is the best place to start a company.

The Colaborator Podcast is an in depth conversation with luminaries in entertainment, tech, and other industries about the convergence of media and technology.


And check out a clip from the episode below!