Colaborator Podcast Ep 14 - Josh Rubin, Newsman and New Media Visionary, Discusses Austin Becoming the Next Media Capital

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Josh Robin joins us on this week's Colaborator Podcast!

Newsman, former CNN TV producer, and new media visionary Josh Rubin joins us in Austin, TX. Josh is the executive producer of The Daily Dot, the “hometown newspaper” of the internet with over 8,000,000 monthly viewers, as well as the director of Capital Factory Studios at one Austin’s largest tech incubators Capital Factory. And he spent a bunch of crazy years running around the united states as Senior Producer at CNN running the CNN Express Bus. Josh is fun conversationalist with strong opinions and sharp tongue. We have a lot of fun discussing the future of media, creating video for the web, how Austin might become the capital of media for everywhere outside of LA and NYC.


And check out a clip from the episode below!