Colaborator Podcast S2: Talking Experiential Marketing with Visionary CEO of Double A Events, Amber Allen

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CEO of marketing agency Double A gives us the inside scoop on working the latest in gaming and entertainment tech

In this episode, we explore the future of strategic marketing and event marketing for the gaming, tech and entertainment industries with Amber Allen. Amber is the founder and CEO of Double A Marketing - one of the most cutting edge marketing companies bringing gaming, tech and media face to face with consumers using the most innovative technologies and methods, from in person events, to activations, to live streaming - they do it all.

Double A works with top companies in E-sports, gaming companies like Blizzard, VR and AR companies like Magic Leap and Survios, gaming hardware company Alienware and big media companies like Hulu. In the past, Amber worked for Riot Games, Warner Brothers and Disney. While we recorded this in Austin, TX, Amber has offices all over the country and one in London - so she is always on the go.

The Colaborator Podcast is an in depth conversation with luminaries in entertainment, tech, and other industries about the convergence of media and technology.