A Collaborative Project: Welcome to Project D! - Accepting Submissions Now!

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Join us in our open, multi-media collaborative project!

Calling all Colaborators!

Need something to get your creative juices flowing? Why not send us a submission to an experimental, multi-media project that will help show off your skills to the public and your fellow colaborators?

Throughout the next several months we will be collecting submissions of all kinds into the Project D group on Colaborator.com to contribute to and eventually tell a full story. Think of each piece as an episode in an epic saga. We want to see any form of media you can create—written chapters, short films, drawings, graphic art, soundtrack ideas, etc. We will then decide, from your lovely submissions, which pieces will be published as official story canon here on our very own Colaborator blog! Not only that, but by submitting your works into the group, it will allow your fellow creatives and Colaborator staff to offer valuable feedback so you can make your future work even better! So get creative, have fun, and see your work published on our website to be shared with the world!

So what’s the story?

Set sometime in the unknown future, Project D takes us into a false utopian universe where teenagers must spend two full years of their lives facing obstacles and overcoming challenges locked within a dream state, all for the betterment of society, of course. They gain life experiences within the “safety” of their dreams where they can’t taint the real world with their mistakes, and the decisions they make within their subconscious minds will dictate who they are to become for the rest of their adult lives. In short, mankind has created essentially the most advanced aptitude test in the world, one that lasts years and will forever seal a person’s fate upon waking, thus creating the most efficient society in the most harmless way possible (or so they believe).

As it goes with any form of governmental restriction, not everyone is happy about the sorting system—some people still believe in freedom of choice. A secret organization of dream weavers have taught themselves to slip in and out of dreams without the aide of technology, avoiding the attention of the official dream monitors to try to get the sleeping teens to “wake up” (metaphorically speaking) and create a little chaos on the inside. These dream weavers exist to prove how important free will is, and are doing everything they can to stop what they believe to be an unfair system.

Our story in particular focuses on a group of six very unique and savvy teens that cannot imagine what will be waiting for them when they fall asleep, caught between what they’ve been taught and what the dream weavers are trying to change. Ultimately it’ll be up to you to decide their fate, and you can do so however you please! We’ve intentionally set the plot in a dreamscape where characters’ looks, settings, and even personalities can be reasonably different from one “chapter” to the next. It’s an ever-revolving world where the only set details are the touch of background information about the characters and universe that will be provided in our own first chapter. Everything from there on is open to your imagination as you build upon the works of the colaborators before you!

Check out the first segment here, and then all the subsequent colaborator-made (that means you) episodes will follow as long as we continue to get submissions. Happy creating and collaborating, and we can’t wait to see what you all come up with for Colaborator’s Project D!